MULTIFORM is going places fast – in shops or showrooms and exhibitions, in the office and even at home. A lot of items just had to fit into this recess!
The proprietors of GOOD DEAL MARKETING have been retailing and exhibiting in various trades since 1970. In addition to marketing this display system they run a very successful gifts agency business and a highly regarded retail gift shop. The shop is almost entirely fitted out with MULTIFORM and we can justifiably say that the customers are always complimenting the innovative and attractive way in which the stock is displayed…and, of course, the way the shop is always changing.

And the price?

...well, MULTIFORM is sold by Good Deal Marketing…so that should make you feel better and if you still need reassurance then just look at the quote above which came from our biggest buyer at the time – The Wales Craft Council.

Earlier we said we did not market standard predetermined display stands. Whilst this is true we can, of course, develop standard modules for multiple outlets, etc., and should you be interested in getting an idea of the cost of MULTIFORM we can send you costings for all sorts of different stands which have been sold recently.

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