Exhibitors in all sorts of different markets should be interested in MULTIFORM, at the very least because the displays can be redesigned to suit each exhibition stand. MULTIFORM can be built up to fit any shape of stand. The attractiveness, its light weight, strength, compactness when broken down, simplicity of construction and inexpensiveness are other factors which also deserve consideration. Many customers also mention that the tubing has a warmth to it unlike metal tubing which frequently kills off product being displayed.

MULTIFORM'S customers number many of the most dynamic and successful companies in their field. Within the gifts industry, which is the background of Good Deal Marketing, a growing and significant number of major exhibitors are users of the system and speak highly of its qualities.


One of the most successful entrants into the gifts trade in recent years finds that MULTIFORM in its various designs and finishes shows up each of its ranges wonderfully.


A major pioneering company of the housewares market has used the system for years…each year coming up with a new stand design to suit the latest products.


This stand design proved the most successful ever for the promotion of this lovely range of hand painted fine bone china. The same or similar ones have shown products at their very best for several exhibitors.


We have been using MULTIFORM in each of its finishes, in every shape imaginable, at all of our trade shows, for the past 7 years. If it did not work so well for us we would not be marketing it to others.

And this is how we turn up at a trade show…with half the work already done!

Shown here are three entirely different stands…without any legs. What you see is all of the horizontal frames pre-made. The left hand one will make a "bookcase" style, the centre one a "walk in and out" stand and the right hand one a multi-tiered "diamond " style. All we have to do upon arrival is place the lowest level flat on the floor, add the first layer of legs (or verticals), then add the next horizontal frame to the tops of those legs, add the next lot of legs and so on. Finally put the shelves on the finished framework…et voila.

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