More on MULTIFORM'S Flexibility:
This is not restricted to the ease with which displays may be changed. More importantly because the system is based on the use of three different lengths of tube all sorts of combinations may be employed. The distances between shelves, shelf widths and depths can all be selected to suit the shape and size of items to be displayed. Given three lengths of tube, six differently sized shelves are available three sizes of square and three oblongs.

And as a bonus:
- We can provide made to measure wall units to fit any gap…wall to wall, moving around pillars or fitting into recesses.
- Shelves may be missed out to allow for tall items.
- The top layer of display stands can be at different heights to make them more interesting…like a castle wall.
- The depth of a display stand can be varied along its length…so it goes in and out as you walk along. This not only slows people down but also provides the opportunity to sectionalise the stock, particularly with wall units.
Then there is the capability of building the display in what we term the "Diamond Style". Instead of building a wall unit or a gondola like a bookcase, which is flat at the back and the front, we turn the shelves around 90 degrees so the points are facing to the front rather than the sides. This style shows off the stock wonderfully.

Available in "Bookcase Style" or like this one in the equally requested "Diamond Style". This uses different heights and depths of shelf to highlight the stock.

MULTIFORM is brilliant for window displays because it can be used in so many ways - from a single cube to a big multi-tiered display, which lets in the light and does not block the view into a shop and, of course, the design may be changed in no time to suit any new stock you wish to display. It's that word FLEXIBILITY again.

Free standing displays with irregular floor layouts and top shelves finishing at differing heights are another of
MULTIFORM'S fortés. Such displays slow people down because they find the way the stock is laid out much more interesting. Again one can see through the stands so there are no blind spots also the light at the centre of the room is not diminished as it would be by solid fixtures.

MULTIFORM will work around any corner as a straight run or will stack up like the Giant's Causeway providing different shelf heights as it moves upwards and further into the corner.

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