Welcome to the wonderful world of MULTIFORM, a truly flexible and rewarding display system. Flexible because you can change the make up and layout of your display at any time and rewarding because products on display look so good, and, according to the customers, the cost is less than anticipated. Many have deeply regretted purchasing other methods of display upon learning how little they could have spent for an equivalent or substantially better effect with the added bonus of...FLEXIBILITY!

There is no area too small for MULTIFORM to cope with....single cubes for windows, a couple of tiers for the top of a counter, a run of single cubes under a fixed shelf - no problem.

A clean cut, simple all white image was what this customer wanted. The addition of BUILT IN UPLIGHTING makes this new showroom much more than just another display area.

Whilst we have hundreds of customers the MULTIFORM DISPLAY SYSTEM is sufficiently new so will not be seen everywhere and your display stands, whatever their shape, will look fresh and interesting to your customers. Every customer, without exception, has been delighted with the result and we would gladly furnish you with any number of customers who will endorse both the product and the manner in which Good Deal Marketing conducts its business. MULTIFORM is highly regarded for its simplicity. There are no complicated components involved in its construction. In essence there are only three types of component: tubes, connectors and shelves. The tubes fit over the ends of the connectors and are held in place by pressure… so there are no screws, nuts and bolts, etc., to contend with. The most sophisticated tool required is a rubber mallet!

Shelves rest upon and are supported all the way around their perimeter by the horizontal tubes and are held in place by the vertical tubes, or legs, at each corner. Each shelf, be it glass, perspex or solid has a cut out at each corner to facilitate the vertical tube. At the top of the structure the shelves are held in place by the top connectors, which protrude enough to prevent movement. Bottom shelves may be raised off the floor by any combination of feet, tubes or castors.

Tubes are available in pine effect, plain black or plain white. Connectors are preformed to suit the job they have to do at each location in the display and vary from an "L" shape (joins 2 tubes) to a "Six-Way" (joins 6 tubes). They are available in plain black or white.

Standard shelves are clear toughened glass, clear perspex, mirror, solid pine effect, solid black or white.

Predetermined standard display units are not available. Each one is designed to meet your needs so the width, height, depth, shape and number of shelves and the gaps between are decided given the space available, the type of goods, etc., etc. This customising costs you no more as all components in the system have a fixed price and there is no design charge.

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